Robin Hood - Archer of the Woods - $0.99

For iPhone, iPod touch & iPad - Published by Clickgamer

The world's most famous archer has arrived on the iPhone in this swashbuckling castle defense game! Take control of Robin Hood and rain destruction from above on your enemies. Protect your village and battle against foes ranging from classic medieval soldiers to giant weapons of siege warfare, and then prepare for the almighty enemy - soldiers on wooden segways!

Pig Shot - $0.99

For iPhone & iPod touch - Published by Nexx Studio

Get ready for some epic pig-slinging madness! If you love launching pigs off slingshots and high speed pig-rolling action (and let's face it - who doesn't?), then Pig Shot is the perfect game for you!

Captain Ludwig - $1.99

For iPhone & iPod touch

Captain Ludwig is an incredibly addictive game in which you jump from planet to planet, while dodging numerous obstacles and catching bonuses.

The controls are simple and intuitive - just tap the screen at the right time to jump. An ideal match for your iPhone or iPod Touch!

Deep - $1.99

For iPhone & iPod touch

Oh no! You tripped, and are now falling towards your doom!
In Deep, your goal is to survive as long as possible, while collecting coins, hearts, and other bonuses.
Can you make it to the end of the game?

iPigeon - Free!

For iPhone & iPod touch

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to be a pigeon? Probably not, but you're about to find out anyway!

Fly through an endless city in this stylish game, doing all the things a pigeon does (basically defecating on cars).

Pinkvasion - $0.99

For iPhone & iPod touch

Pinkvasion is a fun and addictive game about catching stars and flowers, with wonderful pink graphics. The gameplay is simple yet challenging.

But don't be fooled by the game's looks - everyone can enjoy it, if you can look past the pink exterior.